"What Decides between Science and Religion" 

Speaker:  Stanley L. Jaki,

Time/Date: 7:30 pm., Thursday evening, Dec. 16, 2004
Place:  James Bates Hall , Ascension Catholic Church,
12700 Lanham-Severn Road, Bowie, Maryland 20720
      Tel: 301 262 2227


His talk dealt with the essential message of his book QUESTIONS ON SCIENCE AND RELIGION  and also his 32pp long pamphlet: SCIENCE AND RELIGION: A PRIMER.
Fr. Jaki is an outstanding author and honorary member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.  He earned a doctorate degree in Sacred Theology from the Pontifical Institute of San Anselmo in 1950 and later, a Ph. D. in Physics from Fordham University, where he studied Cosmic Rays under the guidance of Dr. Victor Hess, who won the Nobel Prize for physics.
Recently he has been instrumental in the analysis and re-publication of the works of Cardinal Henry Newman the great nineteenth century convert. 
He won the Templeton Prize in 1987. It was  conferred by His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle.
He has written extensively on the relationship of modern science and religion.
Fr. Jaki’s recent books are available from Real View Books, 1436 Devonshire Lane, Port Huron, MI 48060  Tel (877)247-6886 or from Catholic Information Center in DC .

Note:  The talk was preceded by a recitation of the rosary.  Light refreshments were provided.
Catholic Association of Scientists and Engineers, Fatima Chapter
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